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How to Deal with Gear Selector Issues in a Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz cars are often famous for their state-of-the-art German engineering and ultramodern technology. The gear selector is the most familiar part of any car’s complex transmission system, and a gear selector failure is a common problem that plagues Mercedes drivers. We know how costly and frustrating it can be to handle this problem. It can have numerous causes, so below, we’ve put together some detailed information about the gear selector.

Symptoms of Gear Selector Problems

Like every car problem, a failing gear selector will always show noticeable symptoms. Strange noises from the transmission during gear change are usually the first and most common signs. A whining sound during reverse could mean a clogged transmission fluid line. A grinding sound could be due to low transmission fluid levels or other severe problems with the planetary gear system.

Here are other tell-tale signs to look out for in a faulty gear selector:

  • The gear needle is not pointing to the selected gear
  • A burning smell in the car from your transmission
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • You have trouble turning the car off

One or more of these signs in your car are red flags, and you are better off taking your Mercedes to a trusted professional for a proper diagnostic test of its systems.

Possible Causes of Gear Shift Issues

There can be a myriad of possible causes for your gear selector problem, which is why car owners should seek professional help in the event of this issue. Let’s talk about the likely common reasons for these issues.

General Wear

Even the top-of-the-line engineering of Mercedes cars is not safe from the ravages of time and constant use. The bands, clutches, gears, and other moving parts of the transmission system get worn over time. Hard shifting from a dirty transmission fluid or electronic sensor issues can also contribute to further degradation.

All of these are reasons why you should always take your Mercedes to a reputable garage for professional maintenance & check-ups.

Low Transmission Fluid Levels

The transmission fluid primarily helps with lubrication, cooling, and maintaining fluid pressure within the transmission system. Excessive heat and punctured parts cause leaks, causing the transmission fluid to drop below recommended levels.

When the transmission fluid is low (or even old), it prevents the gears from engaging properly and causes slipping. The slipping is what causes the characteristic grinding noise and difficulty changing gear. These are also symptoms of a failing fluid pump. You might see a pool of red fluid under your car whenever there are leaks.

Gear Selector Cable Fault

The gear selector cable puts the transmission into the right gear after the driver moves the gear selector. If the cable gets stuck, you might have difficulty changing gears. The transmission will also get stuck in the same gear if the cable breaks, even though the shifter works. A faulty gear selector cable causes the indicator light not to match the current gear position.

Swedish Auto Service Will Keep your Transmission System in Good Shape

Regular checks & maintenance of your Mercedes transmission system are strongly advised. Several factors can be responsible for a faulty transmission. Mercedes Gear Selector Repair If you see one or more of the symptoms above, you must visit a garage as soon as possible and have a professional find the root cause. It would save you the headache and the extra cost of solving the problem in the long run. A helpful tip is to check your transmission fluid level and change it when needed. Being on a manufacturer-recommended service plan is the best way to catch problems like this before they cause you frustration.

At Swedish Auto Service, we are committed to making sure your Mercedes gets the first-rate service that befits its class. Our licensed and experienced mechanics offer expert maintenance services to keep your transmission system in order.

We are proud to be the go-to independent shop for drivers in cities including Cedar Park, Round Rock, Leander, Austin, TX and the surrounding communities. Please give us a call or visit our shop today to schedule your car’s next service appointment. Our technicians are ready and eager to help resolve your car service needs. We look forward to earning your repeat business for your future car needs.

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