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Symptoms of an AirMatic System Failure in Your Mercedes

Since its inception in 1926, Mercedes has stuck with its motto: “The Best or Nothing.” The brand motto perfectly describes the level of comfort enjoyed by Mercedes drivers. However, to ensure that their drivers enjoy absolute comfort, Mercedes has continued to innovate, and one of such innovations is the AirMatic System.

The AirMatic system in your Mercedes Benz performs a technical role in making your ride seamless. It allows the driver to easily control the vehicle’s suspension and navigate bumpy roads with ease. As an air suspension system, it absorbs shocks from bad roads using air springs and shocks. Overall, this system works with other components to improve the handling and adaptability of your Mercedes to different roads and weather conditions.

Symptoms of an AirMatic System Failure

In most cases of the AirMatic System failure, you will receive a warning on your dashboard. For quick detection of AirMatic system failure in your Mercedes, keep an eye out for these symptoms:

  • Rough Driving Experience: The primary aim of the AirMatic System is to improve ride comfort. If there is a blown fuse or other problems with the suspension system, you will notice bumpier rides. This occurs when there is a problem with the system, as it affects the inflation of the suspension system. The result is that you’ll notice the impact of road imperfections more often than usual.
  • One Side of Your Vehicle is Lower Than the Other: Sometimes, this problem lies with the Airmatic air strut It may fail upon installation due to improper installation or natural wear and tear. One of the main signs that the Airmatic system is failing is that only one side of your Mercedes sags lower than the other side, giving your car that tilted look.
  • Sagging Suspension: Your Mercedes compressor is responsible for pumping your suspension bags with air. Failure of the compressor may cause airflow disruptions, making the air compressor lose the desired pressure to maintain the air suspension. When the airbag doesn’t receive adequate air, the Airmatic system loses its ability to adjust when needed. This failure causes the whole vehicle to sit too close to the ground.
  • Suspension Squeaking: Although this is usually caused by the natural wear and tear of the shocks, improper handling during any phase of the shock’s life cycle can accelerate the wear of the shock. Drivers have reported a squealing or clicking sound coming from the shock absorber. This is usually due to dislodged internal components within the Airmatic suspension. While the suspension can still work fine, the noise makes the driving experience annoying.
  • Air leak: An air leak can happen in any part of your Mercedes AirMatic system. However, it is most likely to occur at the connection point where different parts meet. You can check if there is an air leak by conducting the soap water test. Spray soapy water on the gaskets or seals to see any leaks. If you notice any water bubble up, it is an indication of a leak. At this point, you should call on a professional Mercedes mechanic to check out the issue and make a proper diagnosis.

Causes of AirMatic System Failure

Although several reasons could cause the AirMatic system failure, the most common cause include:

  • Failure of the Air Compressor: The air compressor is responsible for inflating the suspension system. When the compressor fails, the circulation of air required for the system’s inflation is hampered, resulting in your vehicle lowering closer to the ground. Consequently, you will notice the impact of road imperfections.
  • Blown Fuse: This can also cause the failure of the suspension system. The fuse ensures the functionality of the suspension system, and when the fuse fails, it affects the functionality of the system.
  • Leakage from the air strut can also cause the failure of the system.

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