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Top Signs Your Lexus Needs a Suspension Repair in Austin

Many drivers opt for luxury vehicles for their performance, handling, and high-quality comfort. But even in your Lexus, you may experience issues with your suspension system. The suspension is integral as it essentially holds your entire vehicle up.

Lexus, along with all vehicles, is equipped with a highly-engineered suspension system. This system, equally as important as the engine itself, consists of the tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect a vehicle to its wheels.

The suspension system is responsible for both keeping the vehicle in contact with the road and ensuring the quality of your ride as you drive along roads of all conditions. A bad or failing suspension system affects your vehicle significantly in turning, stopping, and overall control of the vehicle.

Keep an Eye Out for These Warning Signs

The suspension system in your Lexus supports several tons of metal every day, so it is not uncommon for natural wear over time. Below you will learn five warning signs that may alert you to a failing suspension system:

  • Your Lexus rides rough: An important aspect within the suspension system, called shocks and struts, aids in the stabilization of your vehicle’s movements. It helps to manage control when you turn, accelerate, brake, and even on uneven ground. When the shocks and struts begin to go bad, you may start to feel every bump in the road significantly more in your Lexus resulting in a much rougher ride than your luxury vehicle usually provides.
  • Your Lexus begins to pull to one side when turning: When the shocks are no longer functioning as they should, they are no longer able to keep the body stable against the force inflicted when turning. You must have your vehicle evaluated by a certified auto repair shop if you begin noticing signs of this as leaving it untreated results in an increased risk of a vehicle rollover.
  • Your Lexus dips down when you stop: You may notice your Lexus lurching forward and down nose-first when you apply the brakes. This is caused by worn-out shocks within the suspension system. Worn shocks can greatly affect your ability to stop the vehicle quickly should you find yourself needing to, posing a serious risk.
  • The tires on your Lexus wear unevenly: Over time your tires wear down from the amount of pressure between them and the roadway. Unevenly worn tires can be caused by multiple sources including a failing suspension system. When the suspension system is no longer able to apply force evenly among all tires you may notice bald spots or significant wear on some tires while others have not been affected.
  • The shocks on your Lexus appear oily: If you are one to visually inspect your vehicle routinely, you know the shocks are normally dry. Should you find yourself with shocks that appear “oily,” this is indicative that they are leaking fluid thus not able to work correctly. It is important that your shocks are replaced immediately to avoid further damage to your vehicle or even yourself.

Swedish Auto Service for your Suspension Problems

There is a simple test you or a certified technician can perform to determine the functionality of the suspension system Lexus Suspension Repaircalled the “bounce test.” With your Lexus in park, press down on the front of your vehicle and bounce it a few times then release. Repeat the same on the rear of the vehicle as well. If your Lexus bounces more than the normal 2 times on average, the suspension system is wearing out and needs immediate attention.

At Swedish Auto Service, we know that taking your car to the dealership can be a hassle with the higher cost of repairs, impersonal service, and extended wait times. We strive to provide the drivers of luxury vehicles neighborhood customer service and high-quality, affordable repairs.

Our team has been helping drivers in Austin and the surrounding cities including Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Leander since 1993. From annual maintenance to emergency repairs, our friendly staff has you covered. Call or visit our auto repair shop today to schedule an appointment or with any questions or concerns you have regarding your luxury vehicle.

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