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Signs of Water Pump Failure in Your Lexus

An original water pump in a Lexus is designed to last for many thousands of miles, but it’s important to understand what’s happening if and when the water pump begins to fail. The water pump is sometimes called a coolant pump. This pump serves to move coolant or water throughout the engine and radiator to keep the engine bay at the proper temperatures to function as designed.

If you’re proactive and attentive, you can take care of the issue before it becomes a major problem. You won’t have much time between realizing the water pump is having complications and when you have a serious problem on your hands. Any delay on having your Lexus serviced could turn a relatively routine procedure into a major repair. Damage from an engine overheating can cause you an even bigger headache.


If you notice that your temperature gauge is running hot, one of the first components a mechanic will check is the water pump. If the water pump on your Lexus is not working efficiently or is faulty, then it is very likely that your engine will overheat. You might see steam coming from the engine caused by coolant spilling out onto the exhaust. It is important to have a trusted mechanic determine the reason quickly. Otherwise, you risk severely damaging the engine of your Lexus.


On the water pump itself, there is a small hole known as a weep hole. The purpose of this hole is to help you identify problems before they become too serious by allowing you to see water “weeping” or leaking externally. As you might expect, when you spot this problem, it is a clear sign you need to have your water pump properly inspected and repaired.

Leaks are one of the most common symptoms of a failing water pump. The water pump works by circulating coolant throughout your car’s engine. Any number of parts, including rubber gaskets, seals, and bearings on the inside of the water pump can fail, causing water or coolant to leak out.

It’s possible that you won’t see the actual leak, but you should find liquid on the ground if there is a problem. Check the coolant level, as well. If it’s low, that is another sure sign you have a leak.

You can look for damage from moisture or coolant on the water pump as well. This will look like rust or “gunk” in the crevices. These sorts of leaks are often caused by mixing types of coolants or by using low-quality coolant with impurities. This can cause gaskets and seals to fail, and even cause mechanical issues with the impeller shaft.


Along with leaks, the second most common sign that your Lexus is having an issue with the water pump is an unusual noise. There are a few moving parts of a water pump, and when the components begin to fail, you can usually hear a distinct noise, depending on what is wrong. The bearing on the inside of the water pump can sometimes have issues that cause a periodic, metal-on-metal screeching sound as the parts spin.

If you hear a rattling noise from the water pump, it may be an indication that the bearings are worn down or the impeller shaft (which circulates the water) may be bent. A whining noise may be due to a problem with the drive belt, or in rare cases the pulley, especially if there was prior corrosion from water.

Regardless of the specific noise you hear, you’ll know when your Lexus doesn’t sound as it normally does. If you do hear one of these unusual noises, you can then look for other signs of water pump damage, such as the discussed leaking, overheating, or steam from your engine bay.

Swedish Auto Service for Your Lexus

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