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The Leading Repair Shop in Austin to Fix an Electronic Throttle Body Failure in a Saab

The throttle body is a component of your Saab that is partially responsible for regulating the air-fuel mixture inside the engine. Specifically, it is in charge of the air part of that air-fuel mixture. The throttle body rests between the air intake valve and the engine manifold and controls how much air gets into the engine at any given time.

Maintaining a Careful Balance

In order to operate at peak efficiency, a car’s engine needs to have a special ratio of air and fuel inside of it. Running with too much air and too little fuel is called running lean, and the reverse is known as running rich. Each of these conditions come with their own set of issues, but one of the first ones you will notice is reduced fuel economy.

Continuing to drive your car in this state will eventually lead to even bigger problems, as your engine is forced to work harder than it should to maintain the same level of power and responsiveness.

You may wonder how the throttle body contributes to maintaining that ratio. It helps to regulate the amount of air that flows into the engine. As you press or ease up on the gas pedal, something called the throttle position sensor detects those changes and relays them to the car’s central computer. As a result, that computer tells the throttle body what to do. However, if the throttle body is damaged or failing in some way, it cannot respond to those commands, and thus, the engine will not be able to maintain the right ratio of air to fuel.

Common Reasons Why a Throttle Body Fails

There are many reasons why your Saab’s throttle body might not be working properly. Some of them are relatively simple to diagnose and fix, while others are more serious and may require more time and effort. An experienced mechanic will be able to tell for sure, but some of the possibilities include:

  • The throttle body is dirty: One of the problems with the throttle body’s job is that it gets a lot of exposure to outside air. With that air comes dirt, grime, and carbon deposits that slowly build up inside the throttle body. These deposits make it hard for enough air to pass through the body and into the engine. A thorough cleaning should be enough to fix the problem in such a situation.
  • Something is wrong with your car’s electrical systems: This isn’t a problem exclusive to the throttle body, but if your car is having trouble with electrical connectivity, it could mean that the sensors connected to the gas pedal and the throttle body can’t accurately read the pressure you’re applying to the pedal. This will incorrectly adjust the throttle body’s position, leading to a poor air/fuel mixture.

Symptoms of Throttle Body Failure

One symptom we’ve already discussed is poor fuel economy, but some other issues to look out for are:

  • high or low idle
  • engine warning light
  • uneven acceleration
  • slow acceleration
  • airflow disruptions

If you notice these, there’s a pretty good chance your throttle body is having issues. One way to get help with these, and the best way to go about it if you are not trained in auto repair and maintenance, is to bring your vehicle to a reputable repair shop. Our technicians are able to diagnose your car’s problem and fix it much faster and more cost-efficiently than an expensive dealership.

Swedish Auto Service for Your Saab’s Longevity

If you live in or near Cedar Park, Round Rock, Saab Electronic Throttle Body Check Leander, or Austin, Texas, there is no better place to bring your Saab than Swedish Auto Service. Our technicians specialize in the repair and upkeep of Swedish luxury vehicles, so you can rest assured that we have the skills and experience necessary to give your Saab the very best service and maintenance.

At Swedish Auto Service, it is our standard to work with our customers to ensure your car receives the quality service it needs. To learn more about how we can help you fix your Saab’s throttle body, or any other problem with your vehicle, contact us today!

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