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The Best Repair Shop in Austin to Fix a Cooling Fan Module Failure in a Volvo

Volvo has promised its customers luxurious and reliable high performing vehicles, and the brand has continued to deliver on its promise. Perfect engineering is still no match to the wrath of wear and tear and faulty parts. One part Volvo owners experience issues with is the cooling fan module.

The cooling fan module is a component of your car that controls the engine’s temperature. It achieves its cooling function by regulating the rate at which the fan motor rotates. The cooling fan module detects high temperatures in the engine and immediately moves in to cool the engine and prevent it from overheating. If the cooling fan module starts failing, several parts of your engine will start running at a high temperature and hinder their proper functionality.

Common Causes of Cooling Fan Module Failure in Volvo

The cooling fan module is designed to always work when your engine is on. So, if the module isn’t working properly, the condition inside your engine bay can easily deteriorate. Parts can wear down, crack, leak, or even become bent, requiring repair or replacement.

Let’s look at the most common factors responsible for the cooling fan module failure:

  • An electrical malfunction in the cooling fan circuit can cause the cooling fan module to fail. The cooling fan module is one of those parts of your vehicle that are controlled by electrical energy. Hence, the cooling fan module is adversely affected if anything goes wrong with the electrical fan wirings and temperature sensors.
  • The coolant levels also play an integral part in ensuring that the cooling fan module functions properly. If the coolant level drops, the cooling system of your Volvo fails. That is why you must always check the coolant level to ensure that it is at the recommended level.

Symptoms of Cooling Fan Module Failure in Volvo

When the cooling fan module of your Volvo starts failing, your car will exhibit some of the following signs.

  • Overheated engine: The cooling fan module of your Volvo functions to maintain and regulate the temperature of the internal combustion engine. If it becomes faulty, it will no longer cool the engine effectively and maintain its optimal temperature. In due time, you will notice the engine of your Volvo running too hot. Driving in a vehicle with an overheated engine is dangerous and has caused many road accidents.
  • Poor Circulation of Cool Air: The cooling fan module plays a huge role in distributing fresh air in the Cabin of your Volvo. However, when it starts malfunctioning, the cabin becomes hotter and uncomfortable. When the A/C in your Volvo is activated, the air vents will emit hot air instead of cold air. This indicates that the functions of the cooling fan module have been compromised.
  • Cooling Fan Runs Nonstop: The cooling fan module works only as long as the engine is working or the vehicle is in motion. Immediately you put off your car; the cooling module is supposed to stop running. However, when the cooling fan develops a fault, the cooling fan will continue to work nonstop. Call the attention of your mechanic immediately to help you examine the issue and have it fixed.

Swedish Auto Service: We Will Maintain Your Volvo for You

When your cooling fan shows some of the Volvo Cooling Fan Module Repair symptoms listed above, the best thing to do is call a trusted and reliable auto repair shop to have it fixed immediately. However, finding mechanics you can entrust your vehicle with to carry out the repair or replacement might be somewhat difficult.

For drivers throughout Austin, TX, our expert mechanics at Swedish Auto Service has got you covered. At Swedish Auto Service, we repair, maintain, and diagnose car problems to restore them to their best condition.

Our experts are ASE-certified and use the best repair tools and equipment to service and repair all models of BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes, Saab, Subaru, and Volvo. We are located in Austin, TX, and we are also the go-to service center for drivers in Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Leander. Please call or visit one of our shops today to schedule your next appointment!

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