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Essential Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Saab Engine

All through the years, Saab has remained a favorite luxury auto brand for millions of people across the globe due to its performance and reliability. However, just like any car, their engine encounters various issues — which often takes a heavy toll and leads to a complete breakdown if not repaired in a timely manner. When in doubt, routine maintenance is key to their longevity. We’ve listed steps below that you can take to prolong the life of your engine.

Maintenance Tips To Follow

Replacing The Engine Oil

There are many fluids in your vehicle that play a crucial role in the efficient functioning of the engine. The engine oil is responsible for lubricating and reducing friction between the engine’s moving parts — preventing the abnormal rise in temperature and boosting its performance. You will often observe that drivers are asked to replace their engine oil after about 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Engine oil replacements can be done on your own or by a professional mechanic.

Checking the Cooling System

The combustion process taking place in the engine produces tremendous heat. If it isn’t dissipated effectively, it can lead to the engine overheating and complete engine failure. The cooling system helps release excess heat produced during this process. The coolant itself plays a key role — circulating through the engine and absorbing the surplus heat produced. In addition, there are also other components like the radiator and the fan that help the engine function. Always inspect the coolant levels in your car to ensure they’re topped off and working correctly.

Bad Driving Behavior

Often, bad driving behaviors are one of the least discussed aspects related to the maintenance of your engine. However, it takes a heavy toll on the engine of your car. Most of the time, this is observed as excessive speeding, sudden braking, and revving up the engine. These actions significantly wear on the parts and functionality of your engine. When you constantly rev, the smaller bearings and belts spin excessively and prematurely damages them. Therefore, driving safe will help protect you and your car!

Inspecting the Filters

The oil and air filters in your car might appear small but, without them, your engine won’t be able to deliver as per your expectations. The oil filter is responsible for preventing the entry of dirt and other contaminants into the engine of your car. Similarly, the air filter restricts the entry of dirt and debris into the combustion chamber. It is often observed that during the course of functioning, these filters tend to get clogged. Since this has the potential to affect the air-to-fuel ratio in the engine required for an efficient combustion process, it’s important to get regular check ups for your automobile.

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* Gray Saab Car image credit goes to: Roman Stasiuk.

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