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Rust Prevention Hacks That You Should Follow for Your Volvo

Rust is a very common and damaging condition for cars. It can affect many car parts and cause problems ranging from low performance to total malfunction. Several conditions predispose cars to rust, and avoiding such conditions can be a bit of a fickle task. Worse still, is trying to fix the problem.

Let’s do a run-through of how rust can affect different parts of your Volvo.

The Perils of Rust

  • Exposed or bare metals: Your Volvo may seem impervious to rusting conditions due to its shiny and attractive paint, but do not let that fool you, as the underside and engine compartment of your car is composed of mainly bare metals directly exposed to the elements, making them prone to rust. When the rust affects the chassis, it can lead to the complete structural failure of the vehicle, leaving you with a totaled Volvo.
  • Where the water gathers: It is well known that water and oxygen are the primary ingredients for rust. Anywhere water gathers on or in your car is a hot spot for rust. From dents on the car to the front of the windscreen, there are lots of places that could house rust.
  • Trunk compartment: Trunk compartments can be prone to rust, though not easily. When the sealant is broken, water can seep into the compartment and gather under the fabric, causing rust and damaging the trunk, so check it often for signs of moisture.
  • Wheel wells and hubs are also bare metals that rust easily, impairing the car’s braking ability and overall performance.

The Causes of Rust and How to Fix It

Rust generally requires three elements, which are iron exposed to oxygen and moisture, be that through humidity, leaking water, or vapor. Rust is easily spread when water gets under the protective coating or paint and gets to adjacent areas. This can be stopped by the removal of the rust or by sealing the area completely.

When rust starts, it can spread very quickly, depending on the air temperature and humidity, the cleanliness of the parts, contaminants in the metal, and the metal composition. Most importantly, take the car regularly to the professionals, as you might not notice when rust starts damaging the car.

The Common Most Causes of Rust in Your Volvo

  • Acidic bird droppings are one of the most common causes of localized rust in cars. Your paintwork may become chipped or damaged from bad droppings, exposing the bare metal and leading to rust. This might not sound like much cause for concern, but many people aren’t comfortable with its cosmetic problem. Regular washing at the car wash will help. Abstaining from under-tree parking may also help, but the best way is to take it to an auto maintenance company to repair the broken paint.
  • Water in the fuel: Your Volvo engine is made to work perfectly, but when watered-down fuel gets into the engine, it will expose the metal to rust. This can completely destroy the engine, so regular car servicing by an auto maintenance company is ideal.
  • Broken sealant: A broken sealant can cause water to enter your car regularly. This can get into your electrical systems even though they may be well protected. When your Volvo experiences this, the electrical systems will short-out and malfunction or stop working totally. If a broken sealant is noticed, it is best to take the car to the professionals for replacement of the sealant to prevent further damage.

There are some DIY procedures used in some mild cases of rust, but any mistake can lead to more serious problems, as the paint coatings can become scratched and lead to more rust. So a quick trip to the professionals is ideal.

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