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Causes of a Front Strut Malfunction in Your Volvo in Austin

When a strut on a Volvo malfunctions, it can quickly become a safety hazard requiring immediate action. A strut contributes to steering your vehicle and the regulation of your tires. If you’re noticing that you’re having a hard time steering or can visibly witness your tires shake, you should not drive your Volvo until your struts have been properly fixed.

When functioning normally, struts absorb the shock of uneven roads, bumps, potholes, and the force from sudden stops. These are hardworking parts that can last from 50,000-100,000 miles. They are hard-working components, and move up to 1,300-2,000 times in every mile, making your Volvo’s struts a vital part in your drive or your commute or for fun. Let’s take a closer look at the details and how to recognize a potential problem with your Volvo’s struts.

How to Identify a Potential Malfunction

When struts wear down, they often make a noticeable clunking or rattling noise in the front region of the Volvo, where it rubs against other components. You will likely hear these irregularities when driving over rough areas, such as potholes on the road. Due to metal-on-metal contact, this noise is easily noticeable and should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage to other components of your Volvo.

Another way to identify a problem is the observation of swaying, bouncy, or worn out tires. When a strut is damaged, it leads to other malfunctions of your Volvo’s suspension, such as a lack of shock absorbency. The normal function of a shock absorber is to absorb or dampen the compression of the tires while driving over uneven bumps and debris in the road.

When the struts are functioning correctly, it also ensures the tires stay connected to the road at all times. Any malfunction in this component can cause a lack of control of your tires. It can also result in a bouncy ride or difficulty staying in your lane.

The Dangers of Driving with Malfunctioning Struts

Driving with broken struts can result in increased difficulty with controlling your vehicle while you drive. The reasoning behind this is due to the strut being connected to the suspension system in your Volvo, which controls how the tires function. It also absorbs shocks that occur from the road while driving. This causes an increased potential for accidents, which could severely hurt you and others on the road.

Also, by continuing to drive while your struts are broken, you risk damaging other areas of your Volvo, such as the crash avoidance technology, stability controls, and anti-lock brakes. These systems will become damaged at an increased rate, trying to continually stabilize your vehicle when the struts have malfunctions.

Fixing Worn Out Struts

While there may be many do-it-yourself kits out there on the market, changing your struts by yourself can prove to be a difficult and dangerous procedure due to how interconnected it is with other aspects of your Volvo, such as the other parts of the suspension system. When it comes to the repair of the strut, it’s vital that you seek professional help from a Volvo expert, so that you can maintain your safety and others around you.

Swedish Auto Service for Volvo Strut Malfunctions

At Swedish Auto Service, we are specially trained to address the problems that can arise in your Volvo, such as strut and suspension problems. Volvo Front Strut Bar Replacement Since imported cars require a refined set of knowledge due to specialized parts and functions, Swedish Auto Services has made it our priority to not only repair your Volvo, but to do it with the highest level of quality and at an affordable price.

For 28 years, our ASE certified mechanics have been providing dedicated and friendly service in Austin, Texas. We utilize the latest factory technology & equipment to provide thorough & accurate service regardless of the level of difficulty of your Volvo’s problem. We also service vehicles in the surrounding areas, which include the cities of Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Leander.

We are dedicated to improving the quality and safety of your Volvo while maintaining the charm that makes it special. To get your repair started, contact us either by making a call, submitting an appointment request on our website, or stopping by our shop to schedule an appointment with the help of our staff.

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